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  • What is Muay Thai?
    Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This physical and mental discipline which includes combat on shins is known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins, being associated with a good physical preparation that makes a full-contact fighter very efficient.
  • Is Muay Thai for everyone?
    Muay Thai is a disciplined combat arts. It can be for everyone. Whether you are looking to become a competitive fighter, learn self-defense, get in shape, meet new friends, or just want to learn the art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai classes work on specific techniques and drills aimed more towards competitive fighting. We also offer fitness classes that will still give you a taste of Muay Thai, but geared towards getting in shape. We recommend that you attend a Hit Fit or Kick Fit class before attending your first Muay Thai class. This will allow you to build your endurance and basic skills on the heavy bag. You can visit our Description of Classes page for more info.
  • Do I need to have experience?
    We will work with all individuals that are interested in learning Muay Thai. However, in order to attend a class, you must understand basic Muay Thai fundamentals (stance, footwork, boxing, and kicks). Should you not have any experience, you must contact us before coming in so we may work with you prior to the start of class to build your basic fundamentals. Our coaches need to understand the class attendance and experience levels to help prepare and provide new students with additional support. Send us a message and ask about scheduling your complimentary 30-minute private personal training session with one of our coaching staff to welcome you into our school. Our Hit Fit and Kick Fit classes are perfect for beginners. To learn more about these classes, visit our Description of Classes page.
  • What should I expect for my first Muay Thai class?
    All new students (adults and kids) must complete a student information and acknowledgment form prior to training. You can download and print a form here. ​ Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the start of class to sign up and stretch. When you enter the gym, head towards the left up the staircase. You may leave your belongings on the shelves once you get to the top of the stairs. Please check-in with our front desk staff or instructor to sign in and make payment if payment was not made online. A general class will begin with a warm up for about 15 minutes. Warm ups may include cardio, strength and conditioning, or bag work. In the main section of the class you will partner up and learn specific Muay Thai techniques and drills. The last 15 minutes may include burners, cool downs, body conditioning, or light sparring. Like in any martial arts, there are class expectations and etiquette. We ask that you arrive to class early as class begins promptly at its scheduled time. If you are running late, you must notify the instructor as courteousy via phone or text. Understand that martial arts entails direct instructions and criticism to allow a class to flow smoothly in order for all students to grow and learn, and also minimize safety risks. Please be respectful to the school, facility gear and equipment, your teammates, coaches, and the art of Muay Thai.
  • Where are you located?
    Our school is located inside the second floor of Aloha Kihei Crossfit (381 Huku Lii Place, Kihei, HI 96753). All classes are instructed in the school. Parking is available in the gravel lot behind the building (Stalls # 1 - 8). Personal training sessions can also be arranged at outside locations for your convenience. Kihei is bordered by various beaches which makes it an ideal spot for training with a view.
  • What type of equipment do I need for training?
    Muay Thai classes require hand wraps, boxing gloves, shin guards, and a mouth guard. Kick Fit and Hit Fit classes require hand wraps and boxing gloves. Strength and conditioning classes require athletic shoes. You must bring your own water and sweat towel. We also offer loner equipment for first-timers. Scroll down below for our recommendations of equipment gear. Click here for an Amazon List for Adult Gear Click here for an Amazon List for Kids Gear
  • I need to purchase equipment.  What are you recommendations?
    Gloves and shin guard sizes differ for each individual based on height, weight, and preference. It is common to use 12 oz , 14 oz, or 16 oz gloves for general training. Muay Thai gloves are built different compared to regular boxing gloves. It is highly recommended to buy a Muay Thai style boxing gloves. 100 - 135 lbs 12 oz gloves 136 - 170 lbs 14 oz gloves 171 - over lbs 16 oz gloves Choosing a shin guard will depend on the length of your shin. Shin guards should sit below your knee, wrapping around your shin, and covering most of your foot and toes. Choose a shin guard with velcro straps. Elastic cloth shin guards are commonly used in MMA and should not be used in Muay Thai. Each brand is built differently due to material, padding, etc. Genuine leather is highly recommended for both boxing gloves and shin guards. Recommended Muay Thai Brands and Fight Shops: Mongkol Muay Thai HNL Fight Shop Hawaiian Fight Gear Fairtex Twins Special Top King Venum InFightStyle Triumph United Scroll down below for our recommendations of equipment gear. We also carry equipment for purchase at the school. Click here for an Amazon List for Adult Gear Click here for an Amazon List for Kids Gear
  • Do you offer free trials?
    Yes, you can schedule a complimentary 30-minute introductory personal training session with one of our coaching staff. This will allow you to work one-on-one with a coach to get you comfortable and knowledgeable with basic Muay Thai fundamentals.
  • How do I sign up and pay for classes?
    All new students must contact Kru Brian before taking a class. This will allow us to get to know you, your skill level and experience, and your goals for training. ​ Due to limited slots, you must pre-register online at least one hour before taking a class. Please visit our Book Online page to reserve your spot. For a better experience, download the Fit by Wix app on your mobile device and use invite code OFY5RV. ​ Payment for classes can be made online or in-person before the start of each class/training session. We accept credit card, Apply Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and cash payments. ​ Paypal - Venmo - @BrianJoe-Crespin For membership plan purchases, plan start date will be effective on the 1st or 15th of the month. A one-time initial enrollment fee of $25 will be applied to new students purchasing a membership plan. All membership purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. For membership cancellation, a 30-day notice is required. Failure to notify us in advance will result in an automatic payment on the next scheduled payment date. Any plan cancellation request before the term date is subject to a 35% fee per remaining month(s).
  • What is the Wix app code?
    Invite Code OFY5RV You can use the Fit by Wix app or Spaces by Wix app to book a class, send us a message, and receive announcements. To download the Spaces by Wix app: Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android). Type 'Spaces by Wix' in the Search field. Click Get or Install to download the app. You can also download the Spaces by Wix app right to your phone using these links: iPhone Android To download the Fit by Wix app: Go to the Apple App Store (on iPhone) or Google Play (on Android). Type 'Fit by Wix' in the Search field. Click Get or Install to download the app. You can also download the Fit by Wix app right to your phone using these links: iPhone Android
  • Do you offer package or group discounts?
    Monthly membership and Personal Training package plans are available. Visit our Plans & Pricing page for more details. We also offer family membership plans. Please contact us directly and we will gladly work something out.
  • I am on vacation, but I forgot my training gear. Do you have some to borrow?"
    Yes, we have loner equipment available for one-time use for new visitors. Thereafter, equipment rental is $5 per use. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use.
  • Any tips and advice for beginners?
    Any combat sport can be intimidating. Muay Thai is no different. Muay Thai not only helps you physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Discipline is key. You will learn how to discipline yourself inside and out. You will push yourself beyond your comfort zone and by doing so, you will see great change and improvement. If you have additional questions or want to talk story, please contact us!
  • Are there any new guidelines due to COVID-19?
    Health and safety is our number one priority. We do our best to keep our members and community safe due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Due to these unprecedented times, we have implemented new mandatory guidelines for the school. If you feel sick, have symptoms related to COVID-19, been exposed or waiting for results due to COVID-19, you may not enter or train at the school. You may resume training if you can answer no to all of the above questions. Please refer to Maui County Public Health Emergency Rules for more information. We have limited the amount of student attendance for each class. Due to limited slots, online sign-ups are required at least one hour prior to class. You may book your sessions by clicking here. All students must practice good hygiene. Sanitize your hands once entering the school. Bring a sweat towel and wipe up as needed. Bring an extra change of clothes if taking multiple classes. Everyone contributes with cleaning and sanitizing school equipment at the end of each class. You are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing your own equipment and gear at home.







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